Dry Invertebrate Store taxa

The following taxa are housed in the Dry Invertebrate Store at the University of Cambridge's Zoology Museum:


  • 2200 specimens
  • All catalogued
  • Includes Miss Jely’s collection and material from the Sea Lark, Beagle, Harmer and Challenger collections
  • Some are spirit specimens while others are mounted dry on slides 


  • Specimens are mounted on slides
  • Not catalogued
  • Includes Professor Gregory's collection


  • Specimens are probably mostly tropical
  • Probably databased
  • Includes the David Stodard Collection from Aldabra


  • Includes Darwin’s material


  • Part catalogued
  • Collection is of limited scope but includes some Challenger material


  • Includes some modern material, but very little
  • Not catalogued


  • Much material is from the McAndrew Collection and John Saul Collection 
  • There is a drawer of Arctica islandica specimens
  • Specimens are catalogued to genus - for species go to individual drawers

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Foraminifera and ostracods

  • These were either sent to the Natural History Museum (the Brady Collection of Challenger foraminifera) or are in the Earth Science Museum (Sedgwick) collections.

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Zoology Museum personnel interviewed:

Richard Preece
Senior Assistant Curator in Malacology

Matt Lowe
Collections Manager