Zoology Museum, University of Cambridge

The collections in the Zoology Museum at the University of Cambridge that may be relevant for ocean acidification studies are grouped into:

  • Spirit Store
  • Dry Invertebrate Store

Important collection:

  • McAndrew Collection


The Spirit Store contains the animal collections - vertebrates and invertebrates - preserved in IMS (Industrial Methylated Spirit).

The nucleus of the Dry Invertebrate Store is the mollusc collection - the McAndrew Collection in particular.

Curation and collection management

Preservation and storage:
  • The spirit store material, now in IMS, is likely to have first been fixed in formalin. Some may have remained in formalin until recently. The collection is organised taxonomically.
  • Some dry invertebrate store specimens are mounted on slides, other stored dry in drawers and cupboards.
Database information:
  • 15-20% (90,000 specimens) of the entire collection is databased – this includes the whole spirit store collection, but only a limited proportion of specimens have full collection date and location data. 
  • Dry invertebrate store specimens are catalogued to varying extents – see information provided for individual taxa.
Zoology Museum collection catalogue

Contact information

Zoology Museum personnel interviewed:

Richard Preece
Senior Assistant Curator in Malacology

Matt Lowe
Collections Manager