School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University, Wales

The School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, Wales, houses a collection of the large clam, Arctica islandica.

The Arctica islandica collection could be useful for ocean acidification research as the clam is a remarkably long-living marine bivalve (over 400 years) with annual growth increments that can be cross-matched and used to study modern and ancient ocean environments.

Read about the Arctica sclerochronology group research at Bangor University

The Arctica sclerochronology group is funded by the EU HOLSMEER and MILLENNIUM projects, a NERC standard grant, The Royal Society and the Cemlyn Jones Trust.

Collection details

Number of specimens:

Over 10,000, collected dead and alive.

Geographic location covered:
  • Icelandic shelf seas
  • North Sea
  • Irish Sea
  • Celtic Sea
  • Around the Hebrides

For access to the curated collection and database, contact James Scourse or Chris Richardson at Bangor University.

Contact information

James Scourse
University Professor, Bangor University

Professor Scourse was interviewed about the collection.

Chris Richardson
University Professor, Bangor University