Non-survey collections

A significant volume of specimens at National Museums Scotland have come from a variety of individual collectors

This kind of material is often collected for systematic and taxonomic reasons. As a result it often has poorer associated ecological data and is generally of less use for other possible forms of investigation. However, worthy of further mention are the:

Bruce Foraminifera Collection

  • Contains published Arctic and Antarctic forams on microscope slides

Richie and Stephens Collection

  • Includes hydroids (collected by Richie), and echiurid and sipunculid worms (collected by Stephens)
  • Collected globally (from the Arctic, etc)
  • Includes dried and spirit material from the 1920s

Contact information

National Museums Scotland personnel interviewed:

Susan Chambers
Principal Curator, Marine Invertebrates

Sankurie Pye
Curator of Mollusca