Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales

Collections at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff that could potentially be relevant for ocean acidification research can be grouped into:

Zoology collections
  • Mollusca
  • Non-molluscan Invertebrates
Geology and palaeontology collections
  • Beach sand
  • FJ North Collection
  • Challenger and Porcupine expeditions
  • Ernest Heath Collection
  • Part of the National Museum of Wales mollusc collection
    Mollusca collection

    Of the collections at the National Museum Wales, this is probably the most useful for ocean acidification research. It includes material from the HMS Challenger voyage, as well as the important Melvill-Tomlin Collection. Learn more.

  • Ongoing marine invertebrate collecting around the British Isles by the National Museum of Wales
    Non-molluscan invertebrates collection

    Get a brief summary of the non-molluscan invertebrate collection at the National Museum Wales.

  • Some of the artistically-arranged forams in the Ernest Heath Collection
    Geology and palaeontology collections

    These collections include beach sand, forams, bryozoa and diatoms - including foram and diatom ooze from the HMS Challenger and Porcupine expeditions. Find out more.

Contact information

National Museum Wales personnel interviewed:

  • Trevor Bailey - Curator, Palaeontology
  • Harriet Wood - Collections Manager, Mollusca
  • Andy Mackie - Researcher, Non-molluscan Marine Invertebrates
  • Teresa Darbyshire - Curator, Non-molluscan Invertebrates
  • Julian Carter - Conservation Officer