Geology and palaeontology collections

Housed at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff, the following collections may be of interest to ocean acidification researchers:

Beach sand collection

  • Samples date to around 1940s and 1950s (but dates associated with it may not be good)
  • Material is listed in an Excel spreadsheet

FJ North Collection

  • Small slide collection of forams and bryozoa
  • Specimens date from 1920s, mostly collected from beaches
  • Material is listed in an Excel spreadsheet

Challenger and Porcupine expeditions collection

  • Slide collection of foram and diatom ooze gathered during the HMS Challenger and Porcupine expeditions
  • Slides were produced by commercial companies
  • This material may relate to Natural History Museum collections via station numbers
  • Material is listed in an Excel spreadsheet – includes station numbers

Ernest Heath Collection

  • Contains forams (arranged artistically) collected from beaches, anchor mud, and soundings
  • Specimens date from 1905-1918, some from the Challenger expeditions
  • The collection is databased

Contact information

National Museum Wales personnel interviewed:

  • Trevor Bailey - Curator, Palaeontology
  • Harriet Wood - Collections Manager, Mollusca
  • Andy Mackie - Researcher, Non-molluscan Marine Invertebrates
  • Teresa Darbyshire - Curator, Non-molluscan Invertebrates
  • Julian Carter - Conservation Officer


Spreadsheet of National Museum Wales geology and palaeontology collections Excel (53.0 KB)

(Content is organised by collection)

Excel files

If you are unable to open the Excel file please contact the Curator to request the document in another format.