HMS Challenger and Discovery expedition station databases

Information about the stations visited on the Discovery (1901-1999) and the HMS Challenger (1872-1876) expeditions is available in easily searchable Excel spreadsheets:

Challenger stations database Excel (207.5 KB)

Discovery stations database Excel (23.0 MB)

Information for each station includes:

  • written locality information
  • precise latitude and longitude
  • collection date
  • gear used
  • depth in fathoms

What was collected from each station?

An easy way to determine what specimens and ocean bottom deposits were collected from each Challenger station is to consult the summary report written by John Murray in 1895.

It gives a full account of:

  • what organisms were collected at each station
  • whether they were found and collected at other stations
Read John Murray's 1895 summary report on

The Discovery taxonomic reports can be used in a similar way to determine what specimens were collected from Discovery stations.

View the Discovery reports on the Biodiversity Heritage Library website