Museum archives

The Natural History Museum archives are a potentially useful resource for researchers interested in the history of 19th and 20th century research cruises, such as the HMS Challenger and Discovery expeditions. These collected a great wealth of specimens and samples useful for ocean acidification research.

The archives include documents such as:

  • Challenger Expedition collections: lists of specimens presented by the Admiralty; lists of duplicates distributed to museums and universities (1885-1899)
  • Oceanographic and ocean bottom deposit collections, including the Challenger and Murray (1920-1950)
  • Discovery collections: distribution of duplicates (1907-1916)
  • Discovery II: cruises and collections (1925-1930)
  • Discovery collections: specimens received at the Museum (1925-1927)
  • Terra Nova British Antarctic Expedition reports: general papers (1921-1931)
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