Linking Discovery foram slides with ocean bottom samples

Each foram slide should have a corresponding washed residue and ocean bottom deposit (OBD) bulk sample(s) from which individual specimens have been picked. Unlike the slide specimens, their corresponding residues and OBD samples are generally available for destructive sampling (subject to NHM approval).

By looking through the online Discovery foram reports and finding a species of interest, researchers can link the station number(s) of a specimen with the washed residue and OBD sample that it came from.

Discovery taxonomic and summary reports on the Biodiversity Heritage Library


The species Polymophina williamsoni was found at stations 388 (RRS Discovery expedition) and WS 83, 88, 92 and 408 (William Scoresby expedition). The washed residue collection contains samples from each of these stations. The OBD collection has stations WS 83,88 and 92.

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