Myriapoda collection

The Myriapoda is a group comprising 4 classes of arthropods (Chilopoda, Symphyla, Pauropoda and Diplopoda).

All myriapods possess:

  • many pairs of legs
  • one pair of antennae
  • two or three pairs of mouthparts
  • Centipede
    Chilopoda collection

    Centipedes are elongate arthropods with one pair of legs per segment. Discover more about the Museum's centipede collection here.

  • Symphyla
    Symphyla collection

    Find out more about the Museum's collection of these translucent arthropods.

  • Pauropus huxleyi illustration
    Pauropoda collection

    Pauropods are minute (they measure between 0.5 to 2mm), and resemble pale white or brown miniature centipedes. Learn more about the Museum's Pauropod collection.

  • Narceus americanus
    Diplopoda collection

    Diplopoda are otherwise known as Millipedes. However they do not have 1000 legs, as their name suggests.

Scutigera coleoptrata

Myriapoda is a sub phylum of arthropods containing both millipedes and centipedes among others.

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