British Collections

Significant British collections include those of:

  • William Kirby (1759 - 1850) The 'founder of entomology'. His collection of British bees was the basis of his book Monographia Apum Angliae (1802) - the first monograph of British bees.
  • Francis Walker (1809 - 1874) Employed by the British Museum, to study the Hymenoptera and Diptera collections, a keen student of Chalcidoidea and other microhymenoptera describing thousands of new species.
  • Edward Saunders (1848-1910) Author of The Hymenoptera Aculeata of the British Isles.
  • Marcus William Robert de Vere Graham (1915 - 1995) Expert chalcidologist, collector of microhymenoptera generally and adept at mounting even the smallest specimens.
  • British Microgastrinae (Braconidae) Endoparasitoids of Lepidoptera larvae, reared mainly by RE Ford and the basis of major taxonomic works by DS Wilkinson and Gilbert Nixon.

Most British specimens are incorporated in the main series in systematic order; however, synoptic British collections can be examined in the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity.