Sloane collection

Sir Hans Sloane was a noted physician, scientists and collector. His collections would become the core of the British Museum, and later the Natural History Museum. 

Sloane (1660-1773) was primarily a botanist but also collected other natural history, archaeological and ethnographic specimens.

While the Sloane Herbarium is the major part of his collection, we also hold his remaining insect collection.

Sloane also acquired other collections to add to his own. A large part of the extant material comes from the James Petiver (1658-1716) and the Leonard Plukenet (1642-1706) collections. 


James Petiver
Petiver (1658-1716) was an apothecary who used his connections with overseas travellers to collect insects for him when they where abroad. He also produced what is regarded the first comprehensive set of collecting and preserving instructions.

Leonard Plukenet
Plukenet (1642-1706) was a renowned botanist who became Superintendent of the gardens at Hampton Court in 1690 and was known as the Queen’s Botanist.