Hemiptera collections

The Natural History Museum’s collection of Hemiptera is unsurpassed, with material from across the world.  

Geographical range

The collection is very rich in type material, including material from the Biologia Centrali Americana, and Distant’s Fauna of British India.

The geographical coverage of the Museum’s bug collection has some gaps, however, it has an excellent historical coverage of Britain’s ex-colonies.

The collections are continuing to grow as new material is brought back from fieldwork, or new collections from donations or bequests to the Museum.


Pinned material collected in the UK is currently kept in a separate British Hemiptera Collection and includes the major Edward Saunders collection.

A synoptic British reference collection can be examined in the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity.

All the species in the collection are available to browse online. 

 Entomology collection online database

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A cicada

Hemiptera are known as the true bugs. They are the fifth largest order of insects With over 80,000 species world wide.