Pseudoscorpiones collection

The common name for Pseudoscorpiones is ‘false scorpions’ due to their greatly enlarged claw-like palps resembling that of true scorpions. There are approximately 3,380 described species.

The Museum’s Pseudoscorpiones collection contains approximately 364 species with various  types. 

The collection is world wide in its representation and is nearly all housed in spirit, but there are a few dry pinned specimens.

There is a large amount of unidentified material which likely contains species not currently represented in the collection or possibly new to science.

If you would like to study any of the specimens in the below database and help us identify them, please contact Jan Beccaloni, the Curator of Arachnida and Myriapoda, to arrange a loan.

Unidentified Pseudoscorpiones Excel (39.5 KB)