Research visitor facilities

The Palaeontology Department provides a number of resources and facilities for research visitors to fossil mollusc collection.

For visitors to the benthic mollusc and minor group collections:

Visitor’s room and bench space

The Palaeontology Department has a visitor’s room equipped with:

  • a standard compound microscope
  • a separate camera stand with lighting

Visitors may use this room by prior arrangement with either the Collections Manager or Mollusc Curator.

There are also bench spaces within the collection area which provide natural light.

Cox Library

The Cox Library is well stocked with

  • books
  • monographs
  • reprints

on all aspects of fossil and, to a lesser extent, present-day Mollusca (principally bivalves and gastropods).

It is arranged by stratigraphy and countries.

It also houses:

  • major journals
  • general books on molluscs
  • supporting geological and zoological literature
  • manuscripts linked to former staff such as Arthur Wrigley and Leslie Cox

Access to the Cox Library can be requested from the Collections Manager.

For visitors to the cephalopod collection:

Bench space

There is bench space located a short distance away from the cephalopod collection, with access to compound microscopes. Bench space is allocated by the Cephalopod Curator.  

Buckmann Library

The Buckmann Library contains

  • books
  • monographs
  • an extensive reprint collection

on all aspects of fossil cephalopods.

Access to the Buckman Library can be requested from the Collections Manager or Cephalopod Curator.