Collections management and curation

Arrangement of the collections

The pollen and spore slides are stored in two sequences at the Natural History Museum:

  1. The principal sequence consists of annotated slides with families, genera and species arranged alphabetically.
  2. The second sequence forms a collection of unlabelled duplicate slides arranged in numerical order.

A central register, which is based on a number series and corresponds to those on slides, records details of: 

  • slides
  • exchanges
  • micrographs - stereoscan and light micrographs
  • vials of stored material
  • how specimens were collected
  • treatment given to each specimen

Specimen details are also held in electronic database form.

Specimen preparation

A detailed protocol of the method used to prepare polleniferous material for slides and scanning electron microscopy is available to download:

Pollen specimen preparation method PDF (29.8 KB)