Lichen fungaria

The British and Irish and the General lichen fungaria are the main lichen collections at the Natural History Museum. A collection of Myxogastria (Slime Moulds) are also curated in the lichen section.

British and Irish fungarium

This contains British and Irish collections of lichens and lichenicolous fungi.

British and Irish taxa list TEXT/PLAIN (35.9 KB)

General fungarium

This contains lichens and lichenicolous fungi from all other parts of the world, including extensive collections from the southern hemisphere and especially Antarctic areas, Australia, Chile and New Zealand.

General fungarium taxa list TEXT/PLAIN (272.2 KB)

Myxogastria collection

A collection of slime moulds (Myxomycetes) is curated in the lichen section, although these protists are not related to fungi.

Non-incorporated collections

Apart from the main collections we have approximately 100,000-150,000 specimens in Not Incorporated Collections. These collections are mainly arranged by collectors and geographic origin.

Only parts of these collections are accessible so far but we are continuously increasing their availability to the scientific community.

How to access the collections

Historic collections

Some historic lichen collections of outstanding importance are kept separately from the main collections, the most important being the Acharius Herbarium.

Historic collections