Published sets

There are many important exsiccatae sets (published sets of specimen material) represented within the Museum’s diatom collection.

Older examples are:

  • Tempére & Peragallo (Diatomeés du monde entier, 1st and 2nd editions)
  • Cleve & Möller (Diatoms, 1877-1882)
  • H.L. Smith (Diatomacearum species typicae, 1876-1888)
  • G. L. Rabenhorst (Die algen sachsens, 1848-1860; Die Bacillarien sachsens. Ein beitrag zur fauna von sachsen,1849-1852)

Modern sets that are being added to periodically include:

  • Hamilton, Poulin, Charles & Angell (Americanarum diatomarum exsiccate, 1992-1994)
  • Tuji (Algae aquae dulcis japonicae exsiccatae, 2007)