Collections digitisation

Databasing of the algal collections began in the 1980s when computers first started to be used in the herbarium. 

Specimen data is now held in the Museum’s collection management system KE EMu, which also facilitates our collections management procedures such as loans and acquisitions.

Nomenclatural types

All the marked type material for the algal herbarium sheet collections have now been digitised, excluding the cyanobacteria collections. Charophyte types are only partly digitised at present.

High resolution images are available through the JSTOR website.

UK seaweed collections

Approximately 45 per cent of the UK seaweed collections (estimated at around 75,000 specimens) have now been databased. Data capture is complete for the UK non-native species and the 'rare and endangered' seaweeds.

The UK collections data is being added to the UK Seaweed Collections Online project.