Seaweed fieldwork

Museum staff on fieldwork expeditions continue to add specimens to the algal collections.

Seaweeds of the Isles of Scilly 2013

The Isles of Scilly are a fascinating area for seaweed diversity. During this project we collected voucher specimens from around the islands.

These specimens will provide data for analysing changing patterns in seaweed species diversity and help us monitor the spread of non-native species around UK shores.

Video: Collecting in the Isles of Scilly

Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides islands, an area rich in seaweeds.

Seaweed surveying around the Outer Hebrides 2012

The aim of this project was to survey seaweeds from sites around the islands, to collect voucher specimens and establish baseline data for future monitoring.

Nearly 500 specimens were collected and pressed over nine days of busy fieldwork.

Download a report of the seaweed survey