Mrs Lu Allington-Jones BSc (hons) MSc MSc MA

Lu Allington-Jones moulding an early mammal skull
  • Conservator/Preparator
  • Science Facilities department
  • Conservation Centre
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


I began my professional career as an archaeological illustrator and finds processor in Cambridgeshire and then worked on various projects at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. 

I started work in the Department of Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum as a conservator in 2004. 

I have also undertaken freelance work at the Horniman Museum and volunteered in the Bristol University preparation laboratory, in the NHM Department of Zoology and with 5 Archaeological Teams.

My current role includes remedial and preventive conservation, replication, fossil preparation and management of teams of students and volunteers. 


Small Ichthyosaur (cleaned and mounted)

Small Ichthyosaur (cleaned and mounted)



2009-2011                    MA in Principles of Conservation, University College London

Jan-Apr 2006                Chemistry for Conservators, International Academic Projects 

June 2005                     Practical Insect Pest Management, International Academic Projects

2003-2006                    MSc Museum Studies, University of Leicester

2000-2001                    MSc Palaeobiology, University of Bristol 

1996-1999                    BSc (hons) Geology, University of Durham 

Employment history

A fossil being laser cleaned

Laser cleaning

Natural History Museum, London
January 2009 - present

  • Preventive and remedial conservation projects
  • Training and managing students, volunteers and new staff
  • Mechanical and chemical preparation
  • Replication

Facilities Manager (Palaeo Conservation Unit)
Natural History Museum, London
April-December 2008

Stegosaur jaw (repaired and re-boxed)

Stegosaur jaw (repaired and re-boxed)

  • Oversee the daily maintenance of the conservation laboratory
  • Complete risk and COSHH assessments
  • Renovation and equipment bids
  • Chemical disposal
  • Stock control

Geology Documentation Assistant
Peterborough Museum, Cambridgeshire
February 2008

Zoological specimens on display being cleaned

Cleaning zoological specimens on display at the Natural History Museum

  • Survey and curation of specimens
  • Re-organisation of conservation lab

Clerical Assistant
Thurlby Thandar Instruments, Huntingdon
January 2008

  • Processing orders and quotations for laboratory supplies
  • Maintaining databases

Geology Audit
Horniman Museum, London
December 2007

  • Conservation Survey

Conservation Volunteer
Department of Zoology, Natural History Museum, London
October-November 2007

  • Conservation and curation of zoological specimens

Department of Palaeontology, Natural History Museum, London
October 2004 - September 2007

  • Training students, volunteers and new staff
  • Assessment of work requests, preparing and assessing objects for loan and exhibition
  • Environmental monitoring for Department
  • IPM co-ordinator for Department
  • Preventive and Remedial Conservation, and Replication of Objects
  • Condition Reports and Surveys
  • Research into new methods and products
  • COSHH and Risk Assessments, Deputy Fire Marshall

Geological Assistant
Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, Cambridgeshire
August 2001 - September 2004

  • Conservation and curation of geological specimens
  • Website design and local history research

Soke Archaeological Services, Peterborough
December 2000 - July 2001

  • Artefact and Site Illustration
  • Excavation and Finds Processing 

Preparator (Volunteer)
Palaeontology Lab, Bristol University
April-July 2000

  • Mechanical extraction of dinosaur bones from fissure deposits
  • Acid maceration
  • Preparation of microscope slides
  • Replication of Smilodon skeleton

Archaeological Excavator
summers 1993-1999

  • Colchester Archaeological Trust (CAT)
  • Colchester Archaeological Group (CAG)
  • Bristol and Region Archaeological Services (BARAS)
  • Oxford Archaeological Unit (OAU)
  • Cressing Temple Field School



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