Dr Paul Eggleton

Paul Eggleton
  • Merit Researcher, Entomology
  • Life Sciences department
  • Insects
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road

Brief Biography

Employment history

Researcher and Head, Soil Biodiversity Group,  1992-present


BSc (Hons), Bristol University, 1985

PhD, Imperial College, 1990


Dr Eggleton's research group, the Soil Biodiversity Group (SBG) investigates patterns of diversity in soil macrofauna, their environmental correlates, and their relationship with ecological processes.

 At present the SBG is undertaking the following projects:

  • A large scale study of biodiversity patterns in the New Forest, southern England, particularly examining very diverse groups (e.g. soil and litter beetles, lichens) and their interaction with their environments and land management history.
  •  Studies of the interaction between ants and termites in tropical rain forests employing both spatial ecological and DNA techniques to pinpoint where ants are feeding on termites, where they are and which termites are being eaten. 
  • Systematic studies of the Termitidae, including developing a new subfamily level classification and taxonomic studies of the soldierless termites of Africa and South America
  • Studies of the biogeography and global functional structure of termites, continuing to explore the diversity anomaly of the enormously higher taxonomic and functional diversity of termites in tropical Africa than in other tropical regions. 
  • Studies of the role of termites in ecosystem processes, including developing a tropics-wide network of wood decomposition experiments, centred on a PhD project (Cecilia Dahljso) in Peru.
  • Descriptive ecology and natural history of UK earthworms (in conjunction with the Earthworm Society of Britain and OPAL) . 


Earthworm Society of Britain







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