Jitka Aldhoun
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Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road



Employment history


2010 - present Curatorial Assistant, NHM

2009 - 2010    Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, NHM

2007 - 2009   Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Charles University in Prague

2005 - 2006   Research Assistant, Charles University in Prague




2006     Ph.D. in Parasitology, Charles University in Prague

Thesis: Systematics of European bird schistosomes focused on the genera Trichobilharzia and Gigantobilharzia

2003     M.Sc. in Biology, Charles University in Prague

Thesis: New findings of bird schistosomes and phylogenetic analysis of selected species

2006    EU certificate for work with experimental animals (Qualifying examination according to the law on prevention of cruelty to animals, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno)




Phylogeny of parasitic flatworms

In collaboration led by Tim Littlewood (NHM) - study of interrelationship within Cestoda based on mitochondrial markers.


Systematics and life cycles of bird schistosomes, epidemiology of cercarial dermatitis

In collaboration with Petr Horak (Charles University Prague), Tim Littlewood and Bonnie Webster (NHM), Hubert Ferte (Universite de Pharmacie, Reims), Karl Skirnisson (University of Reykjavik) and Sara Brant (University of New Mexico).


Schistosome Group Prague
Helminthofauna of birds

In collaboration with Jilji Sitko (Komensky Museum Prerov). Prerov (central Moravia, Czech Republic) is a cross-road of migratory pathways between Europe, Asia and Africa; thus, we find rich spectrum of bird species and their helminths here. This work also provides new samples for the NHM slide and tissue collections. 


Management of the NHM collection of parasitic worms.


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