Dr Fred Rumsey

Fred at work
  • Angela Marmont Centre Enquiries Officer, Plants
  • Life Sciences department
  • Angela Marmont Centre
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history

  • Botany Enquiries Officer, Natural History Museum, 2009.
  • UK Biodiversity Researcher (Band 4), Natural History Museum, 1997-2008.
  • Post-doctoral Researcher, Natural History Museum/ University of Cambridge, 1995-1997.
  • Temporary Lecturer/Researcher, University of Manchester, 1991-1994.
  • Surveyor, Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Furzebrook, 1990
  • Taxonomist/Herbarium Curator, British Institute for Archaeology, Ankara, Turkey, 1989


  • PhD Environmental Biology, University of Manchester,1994.
  • BSc (Hons) Botany, University of Reading, 1984


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