Miss Alison Paul

Alison Paul
  • Curator, Pteridophytes
  • Life Sciences department
  • Plants Division
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history

Botany Department, The Natural History Museum

  • Senior Curator, Pteridophytes, Curation Team (Band 4) (2007 – present)
  • Curator of Pteridophytes, Curation Division (Higher Scientific Officer to 1996; Band 5 from 1996) (1991 – 2007)
  • Scientific Officer, Fern Section (1983 – 1991)
  • Assistant Scientific Officer, Fern Section (1979 – 1983)


  • BSc (Hons) Horticultural Botany. The University of Reading (1978)



  • Responsible for ferns and lycophytes


NHM fern collections

Other roles

  • Integrated Pest Management Co-ordinator for the Botany Department
  • Collections Conservation Officer for the Botany Department


Professional Roles

Membership of professional societies

  • British Pteridological Society
  • SPNHC - The Society For The Preservation of Natural History Collections
  • NatSCA - Natural Sciences Collections Association


Positions held

  • Editor of British Pteridological Society Bulletin 1990 – present



  • Outstanding Contribution Award, British Pteridological Society 2010


 External links

British Pteridological Society

SPNHC (Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections)

NatSCA (Natural Sciences Collections Association)


Selected publications

  • Stafford, P.J. & Paul, A.M. 2009. The Northwest European Pollen Flora, 69: Ophioglossaceae. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 157(1-2): 2-21.
  • Tittley, I., Huxley, R., Paul, A., Rumsey, F.J. & Chimonides, P.J. 1999. Monitoring of Eel Grass beds in Morecambe Bay European Marine Site. A report to British Gas Hydrocarbon Resources Limited. The Natural History Museum, London. Pp. 16.
  • Gibby, M. & Paul, A.M. 1995. Pteridophyta. In: Press, J.R. & Short, M.J. [eds] Flora of Madeira. HMSO, London.
  • Jermy, A.C. & Paul, A.M. 1993. Revision of accounts of 8 pteridophyte genera. In: Tutin et al. [eds] Flora Europaea 1 (ed. 2). Cambridge University Press.
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  • Paul, A.M. 1987. The status of Ophioglossum azoricum (Ophioglossaceae: Pteridophyta) in the British Isles. Fern Gaz. 13(3): 173-187.
  • Derrick, L.N., Jermy, A.C. & Paul, A.M. 1987. Checklist of European Pteridophytes. Sommerfeltia 6: i-xx, 1-94.