Ms Laura Buck

Laura Buck
  • Human Origins Research Assistant - Calleva
  • Earth Sciences department
  • Vertebrates and Anthropology Palaeobiology
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history

02/2012-present: Research assistant to the Calleva Project, Human Origins Research 
Group,  Earth Sciences Department, Natural History Museum, London. 

10/2009-present: Department of Life Sciences PhD. studentship, Biological Anthropology, Centre for Evolutionary and Environmental Anthropology, University of Roehampton

03-09/2009: Production administrator at The Journal of Physiology. 

01-03/2009: Graduate research assistant to Dr J.T. Stock, Department of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge. 


2009-present: Roehampton University: PhD. Biological Anthropology. Supervisors: Dr T.C. Rae, Professor A. MacLarnon (both Roehampton University) and Professor C.B. Stringer (Natural History Museum).

2007- 2008: Churchill College, University of Cambridge – MPhil. Biological Anthropology. Thesis supervisor: Dr J.T. Stock.

2002- 2005: College of St Hild and St Bede, University of Durham – BA (Hons.) Anthropology. Dissertation supervisor: Professor R. Layton.


Ph.D. Research

My thesis title is Craniofacial morphology, adaptation, and paranasal pneumatisation in Pleistocene hominins. It is an investigation into the relationship between the size, shape, and function of sinuses, and craniofacial shape in Homo heidelbergensis, Neanderthals, and humans. I use CT scans of fossil and dry crania and 3D landmark-based geometric morphometrics.



Buck, L. T. & Stringer, C. B. 2014. Homo heidelbergensis. Current Biology 24: R214-5.

  • Buck, L.T. & Stringer, C.B. ( 2013 ) Having the stomach for it: a contribution to Neanderthal diets? Quaternary Science Reviews . 10.1016/j.quascirev.2013.09.003
  • Buck, L.T., Stock, J.T. & Foley, R.A ( 2010 ) Intraspecific variation in the catarrhine skeleton International Journal of Primatology 31 : 779 795 . 10.1007/s10764-010-9428-0
  • Stock, J.T., & Buck, L.T. ( 2010 ) Canalization and plasticity in humans and primates: implications for interpreting the fossil record, In: 150 años después de Darwin: evolución, future o crisis? Lecciones sobre evolución humana . Perote Alejandre, A., & Mateos Cachorro, A. (Eds) Instituto Tomás Pascual Sanz, Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana : Madrid , 91 - 101 .