Dr Chris Stanley BSc PhD

Chris Stanley
  • Researcher, Head of Division
  • Earth Sciences department
  • Economic and Environmental Earth Sciences
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Employment history

1980-1984  Higher Scientific Officer  British Museum (Natural History)

1984-1991  Senior Scientific Officer  British Museum (Natural History)

1991-1996  Grade 7 (Principal Scientific Officer) -  Band 3   Natural History Museum

1996-         Associate Keeper of Mineralogy -  Band 2  - Natural History Museum


Current post:

Associate Keeper of Mineralogy and Deputy Head of Mineralogy Department

Head of  'Economic and Environmental Mineralogy and Petrology' Division

Researcher, Ore mineralogy and economic geology.


1963-1973   Southwell Minster Grammar School,  Southwell,  Nottinghamshire.

Choral Scholarship 1963; Head Chorister 1970. 11 'O' levels, 3 'A' levels.

1973-1976   Dept of Geological Sciences, University of Aston, BIRMINGHAM B4 7ET

BSc (Hons) Geology 2/1; University Prize in Geology.

1976-1979   Dept of Geological Sciences, University of Aston, BIRMINGHAM B4 7ET

University of Aston postgraduate studentship; PhD on 'Mineralogical studies of copper, lead, zinc, and cobalt mineralization in the English Lake District'

Professional Roles

Positions of responsibility held:

1981 1984 Committee, Applied Mineralogy Group, Mineralogical Society
1984 1989 Editorial Board, Mineralogical Magazine
1985 1988 Secretary/Treasurer, Mineral Deposits Studies Gp., Geol. Soc. London
1987 1990 Council Member, Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
1990 1994 Paragenesis Commission, International Ass'n on the Genesis of Ore Deposits
1990 External examiner for University of Manchester PhD
1991 1994 Committee, 'ZAR' organization to promote studies on Uzbekistan gold deposits
1992 1996 Committee, Applied Mineralogy Group, Mineralogical Society
1993 External examiner for University of Cardiff PhD
1993 1998 Royal Society UK National Correspondent IGCP Project 356
1994 NHM Southampton liaison group member
1994 External examiner for Open University PhD
1996-1997 Council Member, Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
1996 NERC panel to review MSc courses in 'Mining Geology and Allied Subjects'
1997-1999 Research Advisor - Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey
1997-2000 Royal Society UK National Correspondent - IGCP Project 373
1997-2007 UK national representative, Museums Commission, IMA.
1997 External examiner for Imperial College PhD
1997-2004 Advisor to PRISM fund, Science Museum, London
1998-2000 Associate Editor, European Journal of Mineralogy
1998-2000 President International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits
1998-2002 External examiner for University of Manchester MSc 'Research Technologies'
1998-2001 Councillor of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits
2000-2004 Past President International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits
2000 External examiner for Andhra University, India, PhD
2001 Assessor for Heritage Lottery Fund application
2002 Assessor for Arts and Humanities Research Council application
2002-2005 Chairman NHM Collections Management Group
2003-2008 Royal Society UK National Correspondent – IGCP Project 486
2003- Chairman of EU 'SYNTHESYS' GB-TAF panel.
2004 Museums Association working group on "Acquisitions"
2004-2009 DCMS working group on "Collections Mobility"
2005 Assessor for Norway scientific research council
2007- UK representative on the IMA CNMNC
2008- Treasurer, Mineralogical Society of GB and Ireland

Management training:

1986 Inter-personal skills in the work environment
1989 Appraisal interviewing
1990 Management in Museums
1991 Safety and related legislation
1993 Management Development Programme - Foundation module
1993 Managing Change
1994 Financial management for non-financial managers
1994 Creativity and innovation
1995 Technical, legal and financial appraisal of mining projects
1996 Consultancy Training Course
1999 Equal opportunities
2002 Implementing Institutional Values
2007 Absence Management
2007 Copyright law
2007 Health and Safety for managers
2007 Talent Management
2010 Senior Responsible Owner masterclass
2010 Benefits management

Conferences organized:

1983 Current research in Applied Mineralogy, London
1987 Mineral Deposits Research in the UK: Planning for the future (co convenor with Dr R P Foster, Southampton University), London
1988 Mineralogy and Museums Conference, London (Secretary/Treasurer)
1988 Recent Advances in Industrial Minerals, London (co convenor with Dr R P Foster, Southampton University)
1988 Minerals and Mineralogy in SW England, London (co convenor with Dr R F Symes)
1988 Hydrothermal Processes in Volcanic Terranes, Cardiff (co convenor with Dr R E Bevins, National Museum of Wales)
1991 Precious Metal Mineralogy, Cardiff. A one day session in the Mineralogical Society Winter Conference (convenor)
1993 Mineral Deposits Studies Group AGM, London (co convenor with Dr R J Herrington)
1995 Advanced Short Course in Ore Mineralogy, Budapest (organizing committee)
1997 IGCP 356 - Carpatho-Balkan Plate Tectonics and Metallogeny, Glasgow (convenor)
1997 Modern Approaches to Ore and Environmental Mineralogy, Porto, Portugal (Technical Planning Committee for Short Course)
1998 National Minerals Week - Minerals 98 (steering committee)
1998 Modern Approaches to Ore and Environmental Mineralogy, Ottawa, Canada (Technical Planning Committee for Short Course)
1999 Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits - 5th Biennial Conference,
International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits - 10th Quadrennial Symposium London, (Chairman of Organizing Committee)
2002 National Minerals Week - Minerals 02 (steering committee)
2005 Society for the Promotion of Natural History Collections - 20th annual conference, London (Organizing Committee)

Field Experience:

1976 1979 English Lake District (base metal deposits)
1980 1985 Cornwall and Devon (tin tungsten deposits)
1985 1989 Scotland (copper nickel mineralization)
1989 Czechoslovakia (Bohemian massif gold mineralization)
Australia (Kalgoorlie area gold mineralization)
1990 Canada (Yukon, British Colombia base metal mineralization)
1991 Czechoslovakia (Erzgebirge and Bohemian massif)
Uzbekistan (Gold deposits in the Tien Shan)
Canada (Kirkland Lake gold deposits)
Austria (Schellgarten gold, Felbertal tungsten)
1992 Cornwall
1993 Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine (Carpatho Balkan metallogenesis)
1994 Romania (Baia Mare, Apuseni Mountains)
Kazakstan (Karaganda to Balkhash rare metal granites)
1995 Kazakstan (Gold deposits, Jadeite deposit)
Hungary (Matra Mts gold deposits)
1996 Bulgaria (Chelopech, Elshitza, volcanogenic massive sulphides)
Russia, (Gold deposits of Sayan Mountains, Siberia)
1997 Portugal (Cu-Sn at Neves Corvo)
1998 Russia (Rare metal granite mineralization of the Primorye region, Far East)
2000 Thailand, Laos (Sapphire deposits)
2001 Russia (Rare metal granite mineralization at Orlovka, Transbaikalia)
2006 Hungary, Borszony Mountains (gold deposits)


The mineral chrisstanleyite  [Ag2Pd3Se4] was named for my contributions to ore mineralogy  it is small, rare, intermixed and utterly insignificant  [see    W H Paar, A C Roberts, A J Criddle & D.Topa (1998) Mineralogical Magazine 62: 257-264. ]


Time Magazine - Top 10 Scientific Discoveries 2007. #10 Real-life kryptonite



BBC Most Popular Stories of 2007



1989-1992            NERC postgraduate studentship jointly with Dr R P Foster (Southampton) award­ed to S W Knipe. Topic: Gold‑bearing mineral assemblages: their relevance to hydrothermal precipitation‑ and growth‑mechanisms.

1989                British Council postdoctoral fellowship jointly with Dr C Halls (Imperial College) awarded to Dr J Chen to work on 'Tin‑bearing skarns of Cornwall and South China'.

1990-1991            Fujiwara Foundation, Japan, postdoctoral fellowship to Dr M Shimizu (Tokyo University) for an eight month visit to the NHM.

1991                British Council and Czech Geological Survey grant to visit Czechoslovakia and the Cinovec tin mine.

1991                Moscow State University field excursion to visit Uzbekistan gold deposits around Tashkent and Samarkand.

1991                British Council fellowship to Dr T Weiszburg (Eotvos Lorand University, Buda­pest) to visit NHM for three months.

1991                Royal Society grant for Academician Alexei Shcheglov, Dr Aleksandr Genkin, and Prof Galina Kudrjavtseva (Russia) to attend meeting in Cardiff.

1992-1995            BHP Minerals International studentship jointly with Dr R J Herrington (NHM) and Dr C Halls (Imperial College) awarded to David First. Topic: The Lahoca‑Recsk orebody, Carpathians, Hungary.

1992                British Council fellowship to Dr G Papp (Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary) to visit NHM for three months.

1993                Royal Society grant for Dr V Shatov and Dr V Kovalenko to attend field meeting in Cornwall and meeting in London.

1993                Academia del Scienze / Royal Society grant to Dr Gian Carlo Parodi (University of Rome ‑ "La Sapienza") to visit NHM for three months.

1993                VSEGEI, St Petersburg, grant to C J Stanley to visit Mineral Deposits of Russia meeting, November, 1993.

1994                Royal Society grant to Dr Mikhail Korzhinskiy (IEM, Moscow) to visit NHM for three months.

1994                Royal Society grant to C J Stanley to visit Romania.

1994                INTAS (EU) part funding to C J Stanley to attend field meeting in Kazakstan.

1994-1997            NERC CASE studentship jointly with Dr J Wilkinson (Imperial College) awarded to Sally Eyre. Topic: Pb‑Zn mineralization at Lisheen, Irish Midlands.

1994-1997            NERC CASE studentship jointly with Prof A H Rankin and Dr I Jarvis (Kingston Uni­versity) awarded to Ian Blanchard. Topic: Precious metals in Palaeozoic sediments of SW England.

1995-1997            British Council grant to fund feasibility study in Romania on environmental problems associated with mining and metallurgical processing

1995                NERC grant to study mineralization at Chipping Sodbury (together with Prof. Rankin, Kingston University).

1995                Koch Foundation (Hungary) grant to visit Hungary and give Advanced Short Course in Ore Mineralogy.

1996                NERC NIGL isotope grant to study mineralization at Chipping Sodbury.

1996                Royal Society grant to C J Stanley to attend conference on 'Carpatho-Balkan Metallogeny and Plate Tectonics' in Bulgaria

1996                Royal Society grant to Jaroslav Lexa and Eva Veto-Akos to attend meeting of IGCP 356 in Glasgow, January, 1997.

1997                Royal Society/NATO research fellowship for Dr Leonid Mordberg of VSEGEI, St Petersburg, Russia to work at the NHM for 12 months.

1997                Royal Society grant to undertake environmental work in Romania under the CEE/FSU joint projects scheme.

1997                Thailand Government grant jointly with Dr J W Gaskarth (Birmingham University) for PhD studentship to Apichet Boonsoong. Topic: Nature and origin of corundum and gem-bearing basalts in the Chanthaburi-Trat area, Thailand.

1998                Royal Society grant to undertake fieldwork in the Primorye region of Russia under IGCP 373.

1998                INTAS grant of 90,000 ECU to work on 'Geological controls of toxic metal distribution and environmental considerations in the abandoned mining fields of Orlovka, Transbaikalia, Russia' over three years (jointly with Ecole des Mines - Paris, GeoForschungsZentrum - Berlin, and Russian collaborators). 

2000                Thailand Government grant to undertake fieldwork in Thailand and to discuss possibility of further studentships.

2000                Geological Survey of Finland grant to give advanced short course on 'Modern Approaches to Ore and Environmental Mineralogy' June 2000, Espoo, Finland.

2000                Royal Society grant to Dr A Aksyuk, Institute of Experimental Mineralogy, Chernogolovka, Moscow, to visit NHM, September 2000.

2001                Royal Society grant to Dr L.E.Mordberg, VSEGEI, St Petersburg, Russia to visit the NHM for three months, June - August 2001

2001                INTAS grant to Sergei Semenov, St Petersburg University, Russia of studentship with two visits to NHM in 2002 total of 5 months

2002                NATO expert visit scheme grant of 4100 Euro to Leonid Mordberg to visit the NHM for two months, May/June, 2002

2002                Thai Government studentship to Surin Intayot in collaboration with Birmingham University and Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Topic: Skarn mineralization at Lop Buri, Thailand.

2002                NERC CASE studentship to Helen Rowland to work on problems of arsenic contamination of groundwaters in Asia in collaboration with the University of Manchester.

2004                Marie Curie training award to Dan Costin (Cluj) to work on the mineralogy of the Varatec-Baiut deposit, Baia Mare at the NHM for 6 months.

2004                Marie Curie training award to Radoslav Kehayov (Mining Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria) to work on the platinum mineralogy of the Elatsite deposit at the NHM for 6 months.

2005                Thai Government studentship to Nantharat Bunnag  in collaboration with Birmingham University and Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Topic: Crystal chemistry of colour in corundum.

2006                Thai  Government studentship to Kanyarat Khotchanin in collaboration with Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Topic: Heat treatment of basaltic-affiliated dark blue sapphire

2008                 SYNTHESYS grant to  Gabor Papp to visit the NHM for two weeks in January 2009. Topic: Carpathian mineral problems.                                                     






(i) main field:  

Ore and Environmental Mineralogy


(ii) other fields: 

Economic Geology, Ecotoxicology, Metallogeny


(iii) current research interests: 

Characterization of opaque mineral species, particularly using microscope spectrophotometry and electron microprobe analysis. 


Mineralogy and origin of ore deposits. 


Environmental effects of mining and metallurgical processing.  


Adsorption and chemisorption mechanisms of metals in organsims.  


Mechanisms and reaction pathways in hydrothermal mineralization and mineral alteration. 


Transeurasian metallogeny, especially of Cornwall, Carpatho-Balkan, Tien Shan, and Siberia. 


New minerals.


Christopher ("Chris") Stanley born in 1954 in Nottingham, England is an ore mineralogist and economic geologist.

His inspiration for a career in mineralogy came from early family visits to the Peak District and, in particular, underground visits to the "Blue John" mines in Castleton.

As a boy he was a choral scholar at Southwell Minster, where he succeeded Andrew Parnell as Head Chorister under Kenneth Beard. He attended Southwell Minster Grammar School from 1963 to 1973. Following BSc and PhD degrees at the University of Aston in Birmingham he accepted a post as an ore mineralogist at the British Museum (Natural History) in 1980.

At the BM(NH)/NHM, he worked closely with Alan Criddle in producing the 2nd issue of the Quantitative Data File for Ore Minerals published in 1986 and the much expanded 3rd issue published in 1993. Other books have been "Minerals of the English Lake District: Caldbeck Fells", co-authored with Mick Cooper and "Gold" co-authored with Richard Herrington and Bob Symes.

With more than 100 peer reviewed scientific papers, and a part in the characterisation of more than forty new mineral species, he was honoured in 1998 by the naming of a new silver palladium selenide mineral 'chrisstanleyite' from the Hope's Nose deposit, Devon, for his contributions to ore mineralogy.

He was appointed Deputy Head of Mineralogy in 1996, a position he still holds. He has conducted fieldwork in Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia and Central Asia and made a substantial contribution to the ore collections of the Natural History Museum.

In 2007, he discovered that a new mineral he was working on, jadarite, had the same chemistry as kryptonite in the film "Superman Returns". This resulted in global media coverage culminating in:

Time Magazine - Top 10 Scientific Discoveries 2007. Real-life kryptonite

see Time magazine article







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Book chapters


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