Using and contributing to the Tree of life

How do scientists at the Museum contribute to the Tree of life?

Scientists at the Museum are using  and contributing to the Tree of life 

  • over many different taxonomic levels,
  • from populations to Kingdoms
  • over differing time scales from generations to hundreds of millions of years

From conservation priorities to studying the processes of speciation,almost all of the Museum’s programmes are learning from or adding to the accuracy of the Tree of life.

The scope of our involvement 
  • assessing biodiversity and priorities for biodiversity conservation
  • understanding disease spread and control
  • resolving the importance and classification of fossils
  • measuring the impact of extinction events
  • calibrating rates of evolution
  • interpreting gene function and expression patterns
  • linking genotype with phenotype
  • studying the processes of speciation
  • understanding the interaction between organisms and their environments.