Neglected tropical diseases

One sixth of the world’s population – 1 billion people – suffer from one or more neglected tropical diseases and children are often the most affected. There are currently 14 listed NTDs. Most can be prevented or eliminated but the scale of the problem is vast. More than These diseases are now firmly on the global health agenda.

Several NTDs are transmitted by insect vectors for example leishmaniasis by sandflies and
sleeping sickness by tsetse flies. Schistosomiasis is transmitted via freshwater or amphibious snails.

Research scientists at the Museum play an important role by providing the necessary expertise for the identification of medically important insects and snails.

They also help to determine the complex transmission patterns of NTDs. This information is crucial for epidemiology and control strategies.

  • Schistosoma mansoni blood fluke
    Tackling schistosomiasis

    Our scientists are involved in researching the ways schistosomiasis is transmitted and treatment programmes to help those in affected regions.