Diversity, evolution and environment

What are the effects of evolution and the environment on diversity?

Museum scientists are studying natural diversity of phenotypes, genes and genomes and how these influence evolution and environment. 

Genomics and descriptive methods are combined to explain how genomes, physical morphologies and populations are effected by evolution and their environment. 

Discover more about research projects relating phenotypes, genotypes and the environment.

  • Evolutionary geobiology

    Find out more about how Museum's scientists are using evolutionary geobiology for studying past climate fluctuations and other major environmental changes that have had profound effects on biodiversity.  

  • Computed tomographic image of bird brains
    Evolution of the bird brain

    Find out more about how birds may have survived the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Diversity evolution and environment

Find out more about the Museums research projects relating

Diversity, evolution and environment