Science Directorate

The Museum's Science Directorate provides the focus for policy, planning and management for Museum science.

The Science Directorate:

  • leads strategic development of Museum science through initiatives such as the science strategy.
  • acts as a focus for development of Museum policies on research and collections management.
  • co-ordinates Museum responses to UK and international science policy initiatives.
  • provides, through the Research and Consulting Office, a communications, marketing and support focus for Museum science in securing grant funding and consulting contracts.
  • acts as a focus for collaboration.
  • A visulisation of specimens georeferenced in the Museum's collections database
    Science strategy 2013 - 2017

    Find out more about our five-year science strategy, a new age of discovery, designed to employ our unique expertise and collections.

  • Front cover image CT image of a glass model
    Science review 2011 - 2012

    Find out how we are pursuing our five major challenges and creating a new age of discovery in science at the Museum, in our science review.

  • Professor Ian Owens in the Natural History Museum's Darwin Centre
    Director of Science

    The Director of Science's primary role is charting the course of the Museums scientific activities and overseeing the 500 scientists and students working at the Museum. Find out more about the role the interim and newly appointed Director of Science, at the Museum.