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Principal Investigator

Dr Jamie Wilkinson

Project summary

  • Focus: developing world-class mineral analytical facilities to deliver important solutions to industry problems

The London Centre for Ore Deposits and Exploration (LODE) is an initiative between the Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London (ICL) and the Earth Sciences Department at the Natural History Museum.

This initiative formally combines:

  • a long history of mineral deposit teaching and research at ICL
  • the ore research group at the Museum, which has access to the world-class ore, rock and mineral collections

Our research is delivering important solutions to industry problems and has been published in international journals such as Science, American Journal of Science and Economic Geology.

LODE is focused on developing the world-class mineral analytical facilities housed at the Museum with commissioning of a new laser ablation (LA) ICP-MS facility.


New projects will be developed with graduate and postgraduate level students. 

PhD level projects can be wholly funded by research council, industry partners or co-funded through schemes such as the NERC-CASE awards. Competitive departmental studentships may be applicable, depending on the balance between pure and applied research components.

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