Dr Mark Spencer

Dr Mark Spencer

Senior Curator, British and Irish Herbarium

Department: Life Sciences
Division: LS Plants Division
Contact: email
Phone: +44 (0)20 7942 5787


Currently, my curatorial and research interests are focused upon environmental change and its impact upon the UK's flora, as well as investigating novel approaches to incorporating botanical data into the forensic investigative environment. I also have an interest in historic botany, particularly 17th and 18th century herbariums as well.as non-native invasive species. My life-long passion for plants was fueled by a childhood spent wandering the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall and the Northamptonshire countryside. In 1989 I moved to London to study Horticulture at Kew Gardens. My first degree was in Botany, and my PhD (both at the University of Reading) was on the systematics of Peronospromycetes (water mould fungi). I am committed to engaging with and educating the wider British public about the value and interest of Britain’s flora. My botanical interests are wide-ranging but currently are particularly focused on the historic and non-native floras of London and the Isles of Scilly. I am the Botanical Society of the British Isles vice-county recorder for Middlesex and the Vascular Plant Recorder for the London Natural History Society.



PhD - ‘Molecular phylogenies and systematics of the Peronosporomycetes’, University of Reading, United Kingdon, 1998 - 2002

Employment history


Senior Curator, British and Irish Herbarium, Natural History Museum, Life Sciences - Plants Division, United Kingdom, 2004 - ongoing


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