Ms Louise Tomsett

Ms Louise Tomsett

Curator, Mammals

Department: Life Sciences
Division: LS Vertebrates Division
Contact: email


Curation, enhancement and development of NHM Mammal Collection Specialist interests: wildlife conservation, promoting use of museum collections in wider/multidisciplinary research, wildlife crime and forensics, coat patternation across species ranges, identification of mammal hair and pelts, specimen preparation, SE Asian mammals, historical collections, field biology. • Laboratory Manager for Large Vertebrate Preparation Facility (set-up in progress) • Enquiries & identifications (academic, law enforcement agencies, media, public) • Collections access co-ordinator (OIC for collections access appointments across all sites) • Digitisation and ongoing database development, KE EMu Representative for Mammals & Vertebrate Collections • Skills Exchange Scheme with Royal College of Surgeons • Specimen Preparator for Mammal Section • Dermestarium Manager for mammal preparation • Integrated Pest Management Co-ordinator for Zoology Collections, IPM Representative for Mammal Collection • Destructive loans sampling • Environmental Focus Group Curatorial Representative • Public talks, live events and media, collection tours



BSc (Hons) Open (Zoology, Palaeontology & Ecology), Imperial College & The Open University, London, UK

MSc Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK

Employment history


Skills Share Scheme, Royal College of Surgeons, Specimen conservation, UK, 2011 - ongoing


Statham MJ, Murdoch J, Janecka J, Aubry KB, Edwards CJ, Soulsbury CD, Berry O, Wang Z, Harrison D, Pearch M, Tomsett L, Chupasko J, Sacks BN (2014) Range-wide multilocus phylogeography of the red fox reveals ancient continental divergence, minimal genomic exchange and distinct demographic histories. Molecular Ecology, 23 (19): 4813 - 4830. doi: 10.1111/mec.12898

Yamaguchi N, Driscoll CA, Werdelin L, Abramov AV, Csorba G, Cuisin J, Fernholm B, Hiermeier M, Hills D, Hunter L, Itakura H, Johansson US, Kascheev V, Krohmann K, Martin T, Nowak-Kemp M, Pavlinov IY, Renoud F, Tomsett L, van der Mije S, Zholnerovskaya E, Groves C, Kitchener AC, Nijman V, Macdonald DW (2013) Locating specimens of extinct tiger (Panthera tigris) subspecies: Javan tiger (P. t. sondaica), Balinese tiger (P. t. balica), and Caspian tiger (P. t. virgata), including previously unpublished specimens. Mammal Study, 38 (3): 187 - 198. doi: 10.3106/041.038.0307