Dr David Reid

Dr David Reid

Merit Researcher

Department: Life Sciences
Division: LS Invertebrates
Contact: email
Phone: 020 7942 5051


Current research interests involve the reconstruction of gastropod phylogenies using both morphological and molecular approaches, and the use of such hypotheses in the study of biogeography and speciation in marine invertebrates, and in the interpretation of the evolution of adaptive morphological characters. For much of this evolutionary work, the gastropod family Littorinidae has been used as a model, having a worldwide distribution, at least a partial fossil record, and showing specialized adaptations to intertidal life. A new project investigates the evolutionary history of ecological associations between gastropods (Potamididae and Littoraria) with the mangrove habitat, integrating the fossil record with molecular phylogenetics. Supervised PhD projects have included worldwide phylogenetic analyses of Patellidae, Bullidae, gibbuline Trochidae and Muricidae. Previous research interests include the ecology of molluscs on coral reefs and the interactions between colour-polymorphic snails and their predators.General taxonomic work has been done on the marine molluscs of Chile.



PhD, James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia

Employment history


Researcher, Natural History Museum, United Kingdom, 1986 - ongoing


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