The Endeavour botanical illustrations

Ficus racemosa

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Species: Ficus Racemosa
Family: Ulmaceae
Authority: Linnaeus var. VESCA [F.Mueller ex Miquel] Barrett, Bull. Torrey bot. Club 73 [3]: 323 [1946].
Country: Australia
Place: Endeavour River
Artist: Frederick Polydore Nodder
Format: Finished Drawing
Medium: Watercolours On Paper
Dimensions: 545 x 350/375 mm
Collection: A.0007./.0361.a/.0002
Specimen: Endeavour River.
Notes Recto: [ink] 'Fred.k Polydore Nodder, Pinx.t 1782'.
Notes Verso:
Citation: See Beaglehole, J. C. 1962 2: col. pl. Bacstrom, S. Ms.: 140.
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