Main contacts


I'd like one of the lab team to help on my project. How do I apply for laboratory research support?

Fill out a lab support application form DOCX (40KB) and send it to Steve Russell.

My pass won’t let me into the lab areas. What should I do? 

New starters need to fill out a pass/key request form PDF (74KB) and take it to the control room. Under 'Collections manager' you will need a signature from Alex, Ranbir or Steve. If you already work at the Museum but don't have access, please contact the LMT.

I am having a computer problem or need IT support. What do I do?

Call IT on x6000, option 2.

Can I use my own computer? How can I get access?

You can plug your laptop into the network only if you have permission from IT support. You will need a network password.

How do I know when my sequences are ready?

E-mail Julia Llewellyn-Hughes and ask to be put on the sequencing mailing list. You will receive an e-mail telling you which folder they are in.

How do I retrieve my sequences?

Connect to the Hope server (also called wolf1) and find the relevant folder. You will need a username and password that is specific to your research group, which you can get from your supervisor/team leader.

How do I get supplies?

Stationary is available from stores (basement of DC1).

Core laboratory consumables are available from the LMT for approved stores users upon request. See the ordering section for more information.

I need to purchase something. What do I do?

Non-core consumables orders should go through SAT. See the ordering section for more information.

How can I get equipment repaired?

Contact Ranbir Bailey to see if we have a service contract or warrantee. If not, Deen Pande in the mineralogy workshop can work wonders.

What do I do with dirty glassware?

Rinse all used glass and plastic-ware thoroughly with tap water and leave in the designated spaces. LMT will run the dishwashers or you will be asked to take a turn on a rota.

How do I sterilise my lab ware?

Autoclaves are available to use in the MBU and DC2. See the equipment section for the instruction manual, or ask Pat or Andie to help you. You can also use the UV light in the laminar flow hood of the DC2 dark room.

I’d like to use the Janus pipetting robot.

Please see the PCR set-up service section and contact Andie for details.

Where and how do I dispose of my lab waste?

Most lab waste is put into yellow bags which are available throughout the facility; the exceptions are:

  • glass and sharp waste must go into the designated bins, 
  • paper and cardboard waste is recycled into paper waste bags with bulky cardboard left by the lab exit (DC2) or colonnade exit (WB), 
  • tip box waste goes into the designated recycling bins, 
  • any hazardous chemical waste is dealt with by LMT – you must see them before you start to generate such waste. 

IF you are unsure what you should be doing, you should ask.

How do I post something via courier?

Contact SAT.

Where can I take my tea break?

There is no eating or drinking in the labs. There is a tearoom next to the MBU in the basement, or on the 8th floor of DC2.

Do we have any purified water?

Each sink has three taps: hot, cold and deionised. High quality purified water for PCRs is available from the water polishers in the MBU or from stores in DC2. Distilled water for the Janus or other large equipment must be purchased through SAT. Contact Ranbir or Andie for info.

What are the work hour policies?

Staff can work in the labs weekdays and weekends until 10.30pm but you must call the control room on x5888 after 7.30pm to tell them you are still here.

If you are not a permanent member of staff, you must notify your keeper’s office by Thursday if you intend to work on a weekend. Visitors, volunteers and students can only work alone once deemed competent by their line manager and the LMT.

What do I do if there’s an accident?

In an emergency dial x6666. The control room will contact the emergency services and send someone to help you.

Your nearest first-aider is Claire Griffin (MBU).

For works requests (plumbing, lighting, etc.) call the estates helpdesk x6000 option 4.

All accidents and near-misses MUST be reported to your line manager or the LMT, even if no-one is injured.

What’s the fire alarm procedure?

When you hear the fire alarm, exit the building immediately (follow the green sign) and go to the assembly point. If you don’t know where your assembly point is, please ask!

What is the smoking policy here?

The smoking hut is in the rear car-park or the front garden of DC1. Smoking is prohibited everywhere else on site.

Any other questions or comments? Something you’d like to see here? 

Contact Andie.