Equipment, reagents and ordering


Is there any equipment you think the lab should have? Are you thinking of purchasing lab equipment for your team?


All equipment procurement and service and maintenance agreements are managed by Ranbir Bailey

Staff with approval and a budget to buy new equipment should notify Ranbir as far in advance as possible. If you don’t have a budget but think the lab would benefit from some new equipment, let the LMT know.

To ensure that the Museum is legally compliant with Public Procurement rules (and EU Law), procurement and service/maintenance agreements are mandatory unless approved by the Procurement Manager, even when using Government Procurement Cards.

Laboratory equipment includes all white goods such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, and so on. White goods required for domestic use are to be requested through Estates.

DNA analysis

All labs are fully equipped for agarose gel electrophoresis as well as the following spectrophotometers and fluorometers:

For information on how to interpret readings, please see our protocols on nucleic acid techniques.


Basic stereo microscopes and a microscope camera can be found in the sample preparation lab. We also have 2 with fluorescent filters:

  • Zeiss Axioskop 2 plus
  • Leica DM5000B 1.5-400x +1000x (oil) Fluorescent Microscope

Lab automation


Static and shaking incubators, heat blocks, water baths and ice are available in all areas.

  • Scientific Industries Enviro-genie S1-1201 (shaking and rocking, heating and cooling)
  • Nuaire Nu-5500E (CO2)


PCR machines

A  large number of PCR machines are available for all common protocols including gradient and touchdown. We currently have two qPCR machines:

  • Corbett Rotor Gene 6000 (including CAS1200 Robot and Gene-Disc  Heat sealer)
  • Roche Light cycler nano


Feel free to download and use our protocols for your own experiments.

Please note: Health and safety information is not provided with the protocols. It is your responsibility to obtain, read and adhere to all H&S procedures for your work. Please ask the LMT if you need help with this.


If you do use the protocols in your work, please reference the following in any publication or presentation about work where the protocol is used:

  • the named author (at the top of the protocol)
  • Molecular Laboratories, Natural History Museum, London.


Before starting work in the lab, new starters should read the Introduction for new starters: Museum finance systems PDF (27.6KB)

Lab users can purchase consumables through the molecular labs' consumables store. Please see the process document and order form below.

All other orders should be placed through the science administration team. For information on purchasing lab equipment and consumables, please see the SAT pages on the intranet (internal users only).