Thermo Finnegan EA112 elemental analyser

The Thermo Finnigan EA112 Elemental Analyser

The Thermo Finnigan EA112 elemental analyser

In CHN elemental analysis solids are combusted and the resulting oxides of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen are analysed chromatographically.

How it works

  • solid samples are combusted at temperatures exceeding 900ºC with a flow of pure oxygen
  • the resulting oxides of carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and nitrogen (N) are analysed chromatographically

Run times can be as little as 10 minutes for C, H and N analysis, and only small sample masses are required (5-20mg).

Key facts

  • About chemical analysis at NHM
  • Technique: CHN elemental analysis
  • Typical samples: soils, nickel ores, coal and lignite, carbonate rocks