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Tomography for Scientific Advancement symposium (ToScA)

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The fourth annual ToScA symposium will take place on 6-7 September 2016. The deadline for registration is 26 August 2016.

The Tomography for Scientific Advancement symposium (ToScA) is an annual international conference addressing topics such as tissue imaging, understanding materials in 3D, advances in hardware and software and potential applications in tomography.

ToScA also feature keynote speakers, student talks, student poster presentations and an image competition. 

The event provides opportunities for open discussions and networking with researchers and commercial representatives. It is the perfect platform for initiating collaborations. 

Previous ToScA events have attracted more than 110 delegates from 11 countries.

Pre-conference workshops

Workshops will be held on 5 September 2016 at the University of Bath and will cover Drishti, VGStudio Max and Avizo. For more information visit the RMS website.

VGStudio MAX 3.0 

This workshop will introduce CT data analysis and visualisation using VGStudio MAX. VG will present selected features of special interest for the scientific community for precise and fast analysis of voxel data:

  • quantitative analysis options
  • segmentation
  • advanced visualization techniques

VGStudio MAX enables the effective extraction of information from data sets. During the workshop, you can use data provided by VG or your own tomography data, which may be acquired by laboratory X-ray CT, a synchrotron, with neutrons or another source. VG experts will be on-site to answer questions.

Pore network modelling using Avizo

Participants will be offered the chance to try a new series of features for extending analyses performed on porous materials.

Avizo currently offers advanced quantification features for computing volumes on each porosity individually, including surfaces, shape characteristics, orientations, distance to the surface of the object, and distance to the nearest neighbour.

The software’s new features allow the study of the porous network as a whole. This extension simplifies the representation of the pores and the pore throats in the network. It enables filtering of the pores based on various criteria, along with the computation of measures such as permeability or tortuosity. During the workshop, participants will use Avizo to perform a full analysis of porous material.


Drishti is an exploration and presentation tool for volumetric datasets. Access it here

This workshop will cover recent developments in Drishti Paint - a manual segmentation tool. Drishti Paint offers techniques such as livewire, graphcut and fiber tracking for manual segmentation of data. 3D Viewer provides users with a 3D painting facility to aid and visualise segmentation. Participants are encouraged to bring their own datasets to try out the techniques.

For more information on pre-conference workshops please see the  0020 ToScA 2016 programme PDF (7.9MB) 16D0 .


Download the 2016 programme of sessions, speakers, travel and accommodation.

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IOPscience special issue

We are pleased to announce that selected research presented at ToScA 2016 will be published as an invited special issue in Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express (BPEX).

Find out more (PDF 81KB)

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Programme PDF (3.4MB)

Download the 2016 programme of sessions, speakers, travel and accommodation.

Travel awards

Find out more about the travel awards available to ToScA attendees, from Zeiss and the University of Bath.


Jim Elliott Best Paper Award

In memory of the late Jim Elliott, the judging panel will select the most successful paper for a prize of £500 on the day of the conference.

Read more about Jim Elliott (PDF, 276 KB)