Tomography for Scientific Advancement symposium (ToScA)

Save the date ToScA 2016

The fourth annual ToScA symposium will take place on 6-7 September 2016, with pre-conference workshops on the 5 September.  

The Tomography for Scientific Advancement symposium (ToScA) is an annual international conference addressing topics such as tissue imaging, understanding materials in 3D, advances in hardware and software and potential applications in tomography.

ToScA also feature keynote speakers, student talks, student poster presentations and an image competition. 

The event provides opportunities for open discussions and networking with researchers and commercial representatives. It is the perfect platform for initiating collaborations. 

Previous ToScA events have attracted more than 110 delegates from 11 countries.

ToScA 2015 highlights

Highlights of the 2015 ToScA symposium.

ToScA 2014 highlights

Highlights from the 2014 ToScA symposium.

ToScA 2013 highlights

Highlights from the 2013 ToScA symposium.