ToScA 2014 highlights

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The second annual Tomography for Scientific Advancement (ToScA) symposium took place at the Museum on 1-3 September 2014.

We would like to thank the speakers, sponsors and delegates who helped to make the conference a great success.

The symposium included three days of talks by computed tomography experts and some stunning images in the micro-CT competition.

Speakers shared recent advances in the development and application of CT, and discussed common issues in big data, sharing and legal ownership.

Poster competition winners

  • First place: Robert Stephenson
  • Runners-up: Ronald Seidel and Peter Swart

Travel grants for students were provided by CCPi and awarded to Laura North and Robert Stephenson.

Image competition winners

  • First place: Miguel Garcia-Sanz
  • Runners-up: Erica Seccombe and Stefan Mairhofer

There were some spectacular entries in the Nikon micro-CT image competition, including depictions of the internal structure of colonial coral, a time-lapse of mung bean growth and an insight into plant root systems.  

The winning image
The Hidden Life Inside of Corals © Miguel Garcia-Sanz

The Hidden Life Inside of Corals: winner of the ToScA 2014 image competition © Miguel Garcia-Sanz


The picture reveals the presence of several molluscs growing inside the holes of a coral, Siderastra radians. 

The specimen was collected from marine phanerogam seagrass beds in Sainte-Marie (Guadeloupe, Caribbean) by Claude Bouchon and Pascal Jean Lopez.

Mung Bean Time-lapse © Erica Seccombe

Mung Bean Time-lapse: runner-up in the ToScA 2014 image competition © Erica Seccombe


Plant Root Systems in Soil 3 © Stefan Mairhofer

Plant Root Systems in Soil: runner-up in the ToScA 2014 image competition © Stefan Mairhofer

The ToScA 2014 image competition was sponsored by