Gatan X-ray Ultra Microscope

Nano-computed tomography (nano-CT)

Gatan X-ray Ultra Microscope

Key facts

Technique: computed tomography

Sample size: up to 2mm

Resolution: sub-micron voxel size

The Gatan X-ray Ultra Microscope (XUM) is a scanning electron microscope-hosted system capable of sub-micron voxel resolution.

The XUM uses a low-energy electron beam to generate X-rays in the range of 8-12 KeV, making it ideal for low-density specimens. It has a maximum sample diameter of two millimetres. The submicron voxel size is dependent on the sample size.

Samples must be prepared for high-vacuum SEM and need to be dried, mounted on a tomography pin and coated in gold-palladium. There is a choice of tungsten, gold, platinum, silver and vanadium targets for different density specimens, to optimise the X-ray beam produced. 

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