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Spruce's notebooks contain information about each collector number he used. Each number had a two part entry on opposite pages, and there may have been more than one number on each page of the book.

Because he allocated numbers to specimens once he returned to England, many of Spruce's collections do not have collector numbers or notebook entries.


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  Record 1 of 2691
Collector no: 3851 Page:
  Paullinia rhizantha Poepp. Sapindacea Coary. Capoeiras. Jwr. With 4 obt ls. Petiole long wist. mass wing. Lvs 2 1/2 prs, 6 x 2 3/4 lanc-oval subacum obt, with a serrat at each altern vein. Fls. w in a naked axils, in contra. subglob pans.   The dimensions of the leaves etc. are in English inches.
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