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Group: UNGR
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
N'Goureyma Mali 1900   Fall Iron UNGR
Nordheim USA 1932   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
North West Africa 176 North West Africa 1999   Find Iron Ungrouped UNGR
North West Africa 468 North West Africa 2000   Find Iron Ungrouped UNGR
North West Africa 859 North West Africa 2001   Find Iron Plessitic octahedrite UNGR
Onello Russia 1997   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Pennyweight Point Australia 1982   Find Iron UNGR
Petropavlovsk Russia 1841   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Piñon USA 1928   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Prambanan Indonesia 1797   Find Iron Finest octahedrite UNGR
Quesa Spain 1898   Fall Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Rafrüti Switzerland 1886   Find Iron UNGR
Redfields Australia 1969   Find Iron UNGR
Reed City USA 1895   Find Iron Coarse octahedrite UNGR
Santa Catharina Brazil 1875   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Santiago Papasquiero Mexico 1958   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Shingle Springs USA 1869   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Sombrerete Mexico 1958   Find Iron Ungrouped UNGR
Soper USA 1938   Find Iron UNGR
Soroti Uganda 1945   Fall Iron Finest octahedrite UNGR
South Byron USA 1915   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Tishomingo USA 1965   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Tombigbee River USA 1859   Find Iron UNGR
Tres Castillos Mexico 1992   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Tucson USA 1850   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Twannberg Switzerland 1984   Find Iron Hexahedrite UNGR
Twin City USA 1955   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Ventura USA 1953   Find Iron Fine octahedrite UNGR
Victoria West South Africa 1860   Find Iron Fine octahedrite UNGR
Washington County USA 1927   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Records 91 - 120 of 130
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