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Country: Italy
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Monte Milone Italy 1846   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Motta di Conti Italy 1868   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Narni Italy 921   Fall Stone
Novellara Italy 1766   
Noventa Vicentina Italy 1971   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Orvinio Italy 1872   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Patti Italy 1922   Fall Iron Octahedrite
Pentolina Italy 1697   Fall Stone
Piancaldoli Italy 1968   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Piedmont Italy 1583   Fall Stone
Renazzo Italy 1824   Fall Stone Carbonaceous CR
Rivolta de Bassi Italy 1491   Fall Stone
Siena Italy 1794   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Sinnai Italy 1956   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Terranova di Sibari Italy 1755   Fall Stone
Tessera Italy 2000   Find Stone Ordinary H
Torino Italy 1988   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Trentino Italy   
Trenzano Italy 1856   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Turin Italy 1782   Fall Stone
Vago Italy 1668   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Valdinizza Italy 1903   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Valdinoce Italy 1496   Fall Stone
Vigarano Italy 1910   Fall Stone Carbonaceous CV
Viterbo Italy 1474   Fall Stone
Records 31 - 55 of 55
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