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Group: UNGR
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Dehesa Chile 1866   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Denver City USA 1975   Find Iron Fine octahedrite UNGR
Dermbach Germany 1924   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Divnoe Russia 1981   Find Stone Ungrouped UNGR
Dorrigo Australia 1948   Find Iron Plessitic octahedrite UNGR
El Qoseir Egypt 1921   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Elephant Moraine 83230 Antarctica 1983   Find Iron UNGR
Elephant Moraine 87516 Antarctica 1987   Find Iron Finest octahedrite UNGR
Elton USA 1936   Find Iron UNGR
Emsland Germany 1940   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Garden Head Canada 1944   Find Iron Plessitic octahedrite UNGR
Gay Gulch Canada 1901   Find Iron Plessitic octahedrite UNGR
Glen Rose (iron) USA 1934   Find Iron Fine octahedrite UNGR
Glenormiston Australia 1925   Find Iron UNGR
Grand Rapids USA 1883   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Griffith USA 1985   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Grosvenor Mountains 95551 Antarctica 1995   Find Stone Ungrouped UNGR
Guffey USA 1907   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Guin USA 1969   Find Iron Coarse octahedrite UNGR
Gujba Nigeria 1984   Fall Stone Ungrouped UNGR
Gun Creek USA 1909   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Hammadah al Hamra 180 Libya 1996   Find Stone Ungrouped UNGR
Hammond USA 1884   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Illinois Gulch USA 1899   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Inland Forts 83500 Antarctica 1983   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Itqiy Western Sahara 1990   Fall Stone Ungrouped UNGR
Kendall County USA 1887   Find Iron Hexahedrite UNGR
Kingston USA 1891   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
La Caille France 1828   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
La Primitiva Chile 1888   Find Iron UNGR
Records 31 - 60 of 130
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