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Linnaean Name: Carex leporina Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 2 : 973 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat in Europae pratis udis."
Type: Lectotype : "Gr. Cyp. palustre majus spica divisa" in Morison, Pl. Hist. Univ., 3: 244, s. 8, t. 12, f. 29, 1699
Designated by: Egorova in Sedges Russia : 545 (1999)
Current Name: Carex leporina L.
Current Family: Cyperaceae
Comments: Turland (in Taxon 46: 341. 1997) proposed the rejection of C. leporina against C. lachenalii Schkuhr but this was not recommended by the Committee for Spermatophyta (in Taxon 48: 367. 1999) because of uncertainty over its typification. The type proposed by Nelmes (in Rep. Bot. Soc. Exch. Club Brit. Isles 13: 337. 1948), 1100.19 (LINN), is identifiable as C. lachenalii but Egorova (Sedges Russia: 543. 1999) rejected this type choice on the grounds of conflict with the protologue, and typified the name instead using the cited Morison plate, identifiable with what has been called C. ovalis Good. The Committee for Spermatophyta (in Taxon 54: 1095. 2005) subsequently reconsidered the proposal and, accepting Egorova's typification, found that rejection as proposed was unnecessary. Carex leporina is therefore the correct name for what has been known as C. ovalis.
Record last updated: 16/05/2006