The Echinoid Directory

Parechinus Mortensen, 1903 , p. 134

[= Protocentrotus Doderlein 1906, p. 204; objective. ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Apical disc hemicyclic.
  • Ambulacral plating trigeminate, with pore-pairs in strongly oblique arcs of three.
  • Large primary tubercle on every ambulacral and interambulacral plate.
  • Globiferous pedicellariae triangular without clear break between base and neck of blade.
Pleistocene to Recent, South Africa.
Name gender masculine
Cidaris angulosa Leske, 1778, p. 94, by subsequent designation of H. L. Clark, 1912, p. 272.
Species Included
P. angulosa (Leske, 1778); Pleistocene to Recent, southern Africa (0-180 m).
Classification and/or Status

Camarodonta; Echinoida; Parechinidae.



Differs from Psammechinus in having the three pore-pairs in each ambulacral plate forming more or less discrete vertical series (in Psammechinus the pore-pairs form a single broad adradial band). It also has much less densely spiculated buccal membrane.

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