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Holosalenia Smith & Wright, 1990, p. 130

Diagnostic Features
  • Apical disc relatively small and raised, with well developed sutural pits. Ocular plate I bordering periproct. Periproct larger than suranal plate.
  • Ambulacra more or less straight; plating bigeminate throughout, with outer column of small primary tubercles and distinct perradial band of granules.
  • Test tall with eight or more interambulacral plates in a column.
  • Primary tubercles on interambulacral plates surrounded by a complete ring of scrobicular tubercles; areoles circular.
  • Peristome larger than apical disc, with shallow buccal notches.
Cretaceous (Albian to Campanian/Maastrichtian) of Portugal, Brazil, Algeria, Lebanon, Oman and Somalia.
Name gender feminine
Salenia batnensis Cotteau, Peron & Gauthier, 1879, by original designation.
Species Included
  • H. batnensis (Cotteau, Peron & Gauthier, 1878) [includes Salenia clavata Cotteau, Peron & Gauthier, S. tunetana Gauthier & Thomas, 1889, S. choffati de Loriol, 1887 and S. lusitanica de Loriol, 1887]; Cenomanian of Portugal and North Africa.
  • H. somaliensis (Hawkins 1935) [includes Salenia persica Clegg, 1933] 'Senonian' of Somalia and Oman.
  • H. ammonitorum (Bandel & Geys, 1985); Cenomanian of Jordan.
  • H. hawkinsi (Checchia Rispoli 1948); Cenomanian of Somalia.
  • H. bahiensis Castro Manso & Souza-Lima 2007; Albian, Brazil.
Classification and/or Status

Salenioida; Saleniidae; Saleniinae.



Distinguished from other Salenioida by having complete scrobicular circles surrounding its primary interambulacral tubercles. Differs from Heterosalenia in having imperforate primary interambulacral tubercles, in lacking perianal tubercles, and in having bigeminate ambulacral plating.

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Castro Manmso, C. L. de & Souza-Lima, W. 2007. Holosalenia bahiensis, um novo equinoide (Echinodermata) do Albiano da Bacia de Camamu, Brasil. Rev. Bras. Paleontol. 10: 27-34.